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A story to tell

Here is the story of Christina. She put it in writing as a commendation of our work together. In her story she pointed out some aspects of my practice that I made my objective to provide for my clients. I would like to touch on some of them.

The first aspect is the sense of being safe. Felling safe and supported is the key component of working with trauma. There is always a great deal of time during a session that I dedicate to creating an attentive and compassionate space. In such a space there is no place for judgement of any kind.

The next aspect is the time space. The awareness of the importance of it came from my personal experience. Today, after the years that passed, I don’t recall the specific therapy modality I participated in or where this took place. What I remember is how I felt. What happened was that the facilitator finished the session with the clock with no regard for the fact that I was in the middle of my process. I remember feeling abandoned and confused, suddenly thrown outside the room trying to orient myself. However terrifying that event was for me, it came with a great learning. Time is one of the most precious gifts I can offer. It remains my greatest commitment to always assure enough time for the therapeutic process during a session. Equally important is the time to close every session making sure that the nervous system of the client is well-regulated, and they are safe to continue their day.

There is one more thing about my practice I would like to share. It is beyond words for me to express how grateful I feel for the trust and openness of my clients. It is my great privilege to witness and support the journey of each and every one of them. I am genuinely humbled by their vulnerability and courage in walking their path of healing.

And my special gratitude for Christina for such beautifully honest sharing.

Here is what she wrote.

I came to Ewa after I had been through the whole health care system, being pushed from one diagnosis to another. By then I had been seeing multiple therapists and done cognitive therapy in 45 min sessions, which made my situation worse since I was pressured to deep dive into traumas, in order to be channelled through the health care system as fast as possible. I got extremely stressed and my somatic symptoms worsened every time I had therapy days. By the time I came to Ewa I was anxious due to previous bad experiences with therapists. She offered the 7-week program that helped me cross the boundary of giving it a try. Yet, from the first moment I stepped through Ewa’s door I felt welcomed and safe. Ewa is a beautiful soul that greeted me with kindness, love, and patience. I felt understood and guided in every possible way. Her therapy sessions are a safe space for me, where I finally felt like I can crack open on my own terms and in my own time. She sets a space that makes one feel incredibly safe. There is no time pressure, and she guides me, even when I reach places that are terrifying. Within these 7 weeks I have grown so incredibly much that I decided to continue to go deeper and to resolve and let go of a weight that I have carried around all my life.

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